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How to choose a smart lock?


With the continuous development of the smart home industry, the speed and extent of the popularization of smart homes are accelerating and expanding, and the acceptance of people is constantly improving with the development of information technology. At a time when market demand has changed, many home appliance companies and security companies have transformed themselves into this emerging market, launching a series of smart home products, further accelerating the market penetration speed. The smart door lock is an early product that was born under the smart home boom. It can be accessed without a key, and can be opened with a mobile phone control. This scene that was once seen in science fiction films has now entered life. However, when a large number of people flock to this market, it will surely cause a mixed situation, and the products will be uneven. So, how can the outsider's consumers choose the right smart door lock?

How to choose a smart lock?How to choose a smart lock?


Good product design is not just about the appearance, smart door locks are household durable goods, and are used in a variety of doors. Therefore, the smart door lock design has the following main points: 1 concise 2 practical 3 universal distribution with most of the doors on the market. In the era of the Internet of Things, smart door locks are not just fingerprints, passwords, and door locks that are unlocked by cards. The smart door lock should be intelligent, and it can control the door lock through the mobile APP and dock with the smart home. The emergence of smart door locks is to facilitate everyone's life. Intelligence is one of them, but more important is safety. You can't ignore safety because of intelligence. What you should do is because it is smart, so it is safer.