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What is the current status of the Bluetooth smart door lock market?


What is the current status of the Bluetooth smart door lock market?


What is the outlook for the Bluetooth door lock market? In the field of smart locks, Bluetooth door locks are now a very important part. Especially after the release of Bluetooth 5 technology, the heat of the Bluetooth door lock has been further improved. Bluetooth is widely used in mobile phones, car fields, sports running, pets, etc. So, how is the performance of Bluetooth smart door locks in the lock market?


Mark Powell, CEO of the Bluetooth Technology Alliance, once said: "Bluetooth applications are not limited to the automotive industry, but are used in a variety of applications such as wearable’s, baby pacifiers, sports measurements, pet tracking collars."


As an excellent Internet of Things connection technology, Bluetooth has its own unique advantages, combined with the door lock can be described as "the perfect match."


Bluetooth smart door lock features and technical advantages


First of all, Bluetooth recognition is high. Although Bluetooth is a standard, it encourages innovation. Nowadays, the Bluetooth brand has been highly recognized by the market and consumers, and most of the Internet of Things hub devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers have been equipped with Bluetooth. Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth lights, Bluetooth phones and other devices have become very common.


Secondly, the Bluetooth Technology Alliance also adds mesh networking to Bluetooth, which means that you can integrate smart home hardware products through Bluetooth. The temperature, lighting and door opening in your home are controlled by Bluetooth.


Third, the Bluetooth Technology Alliance has been promoting the widespread use of Bluetooth technology and providing APIs for application developers,  which means more vendors, better development tools, and lower power consumption. A more powerful chipset, as well as a low-cost mesh sensor.



At present, the application of smart locks in China is mainly concentrated in some high-end places, but the smart lock can become a representative of another generation of door locks after mechanical locks, password locks and induction locks, and will naturally develop towards popularization. Whether it's security or the quality of life, smart locks will inevitably replace existing locks.


Bluetooth smart door locks are faced with a very wide range of customers. Different types of users have different choices in the way of unlocking Bluetooth smartphones, unlocking fingerprints, and unlocking passwords.


In addition to being able to delete users, the Bluetooth Smart Door Lock Management APP can also edit users, change lock parameters, view unlock records, lock status exception reminders, generate and manage temporary keys. Temporary key management can be accurate to a few minutes, and also supports single-cycle and day-and-month cycle authorization, which can better meet the needs of various temporary key use occasions.


At present, the market for Bluetooth smart door locks is not standardized. There is no uniform industry standard. Consumers often buy because of novelty and convenience. Generally, younger users accept Bluetooth door locks because of the way and convenience of unlocking mobile APP. Door lock system management.


The market prospect and future development direction of Bluetooth smart door lock


To understand the market prospects of Bluetooth smart door locks, you need to understand the development trend of Bluetooth technology.


Bluetooth is a technology that is constantly evolving. Up to now, it has three categories and four versions. The bit rate has been developed from 1Mbps to nearly 54Mbps, and it seems that it has to compete with Wifi in transmission speed. Once Bluetooth is turned on, it continues to search and tries to stay connected to the device, a process that consumes a lot of power. The future of Bluetooth technology is how to reduce power consumption while maintaining high-speed transmission rates. In general, Bluetooth will continue to evolve.


Now, some large manufacturers purchase base station door locks, and their locks must be equipped with Bluetooth. They can be unlocked by mobile phone APP. Bluetooth door locks have the advantage of being difficult to compare with fingerprint locks for centralized management.


A major breakthrough in the smart locks on the market is the combination of Bluetooth technology and supporting applications, breaking the fixed mode of traditional door locks and keys, and modernizing the door locks.


According to a survey of the physical access control market, more than 70% of end users and 80% of industry respondents believe that in the next three to five years, they hope to replace the current mobile phone, key card, and label or credential card. The survey further proves that smart locks have obvious advantages and have a broad market in the future.