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What is a virtual password?


What is a virtual password?

In daily life, passwords are used more and more widely, from computer to mobile phone to home password locks, everywhere. However, there are many people who have this concern: Is the fixed password for the password lock really safe? In reality, all kinds of deciphering methods make our smart life encounter difficulties.

For password locks, some users have raised the question: the secret of the password lock is fixed. If you open the door, there are thieves hiding in the corner to peek, several times, secretly remembering my password lock. The order of the passwords, then, the next time I am absent, he can easily burglary.

This sounds really bad. For these users' concerns, our smart home launched a more secure "virtual password technology" to completely solve the hidden dangers of voyeuristic passwords.

"Digital cipher technology" means adding any number of digits before and after the correct password. As long as there is a continuous correct password in the middle, you can open the door, which can effectively prevent password leakage.

Compared with fixed passwords, virtual passwords have higher security levels and are more difficult to be snooped. Therefore, the risk of password leakage is smaller, and the length is increased at will. Each time the password is changed, the security of the password can be greatly increased. It is more difficult for thieves or thieves. Get the real password.

What is a virtual password?What is a virtual password?


So is there a maximum limit for the dummy password? Yes, this depends on the length of the password set by the manufacturer of the smart door lock. For example, the maximum password limit is 20 digits, then the total length of the password and password cannot exceed 20 digits.

Compared to fixed passwords, virtual password technology is undoubtedly more secure, but is it not hack able? The security level of the virtual password technology is higher, and there is still a risk of leakage. By repeatedly prying into the password input, the password numbers can be integrated and compared, and the intersection between the arrays can be found, thereby obtaining the real password and cracking the door lock password.

Therefore, the security of the fake password is also relative, the user is more troublesome when inputting, slightly increasing the input efficiency and difficulty, but if you remember the original password, these small problems can be basically ignored.

The security of the password lock is not high. Therefore, the core of the fingerprint lock or other biometric smart lock is the fingerprint unlocking or other identification methods. Password unlocking is generally used as an attached function. The biometric identification is more secure and is also important for smart locks. At present, most of the smart locks on the market have a variety of unlocking functions. For security reasons, the door lock with the virtual bit password technology is the first choice for purchase. In normal use, it is also recommended to use fingerprints, mobile phone remote control, etc. to unlock, use less or no password to unlock, mechanical key to unlock.


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